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Brian Williams was the firstborn to Valorie Williams and Darrin Ryan.  He was adopted by Latorrea Jones and Charles Ryan as a young child, his name was changed to Brian Rashad Jones.

Brian has six brothers:
Raymond Jr.

And two sisters:

He also has three siblings from his adoptive family:

Brian loved to play basketball and when he was young everyone called him little jordan because he was so good.

As a teenager Brian developed a relationship with Pastor Dennis Talbert and was involved with the youth ministry at Rosedale Park Baptist Church.  Pastor Dennis became a father figure to Brian.  BJ was always talking about Dennis and it was apparent that he felt so loved by him.  Their relationship made a lasting difference in Brian's life.

Education was difficult to attain because of the extremely rough life Brian experienced.  He was on his own by the age of fourteen, but in 2000, Brian completed the GED not once, but twice, so he held a certificate in both his birth name AND adopted name.

Brian was known for saying some funny things:
He called hanging out Kicking the willy bo bo and no matter what you said to him he always responded by saying  'for real'

Brian loved food: any and all kinds, but he especially liked eggs.  You could always find him with a newport cigarette and a bottle of moon mist.  BJ loved to rap and his favorites drinks were remy martin or bacardi silvers.  He loved to eat McDonalds big breakfasts, Ram's horn Belgium waffles and corned beef sandwiches from the coney island.  You could always catch BJ staring at himself in the mirror no matter where he was.  BJ loved to play dice and scratch off lotto tickets...He always had the cheesiest smile and laughed about everything.  Something that would surprise many people is that Brian loved the violin, but not as surprising as the fact that he liked watching Lifetime movies!

Brian leaves behind many people who miss his smile and can't wait to see him again.



Anyone who had the opportunity to meet Brian would probably mention his smile.  He had a way of lighting up the room and his laughter was contagious.  Brian was so compassionate.  There wasn't a person he didn't try to help in whatever way he could.  He taught us how to look at the beauty inside of people and to be more understanding.  As I look back on the many memories we shared one thing always stood out to me about him.  He was the most forgiving person I have ever met.  People talk about forgiveness, but no one showed me the true meaning like he did.  He experienced the most pain and showed the most love.  Brian was murdered on February 22, 2005.  The day before his 23rd birthday.  The case is still unsolved and the pain is still so very real that someone ended our loved ones life in a brutal act of violence.  Someone took away a best friend, a father, a brother, a son, a comedian, a rapper, a basketball fanatic, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with.  Someone took him away and left him in an alley to die alone. 

He leaves a legacy in the form of a little boy, his son Dante, who was Brian's pride and joy.  If Dante can be assured of one thing it was his dad's unwaivering love and his excitement about becoming a father.  Although he was taken away before he had the chance to show his son all that he wanted to, Dante will know each day that he is loved by his mom AND dad.

To feel weak yet stay strong
To know hatred yet still love
To experience fear yet remain brave
This was Brian Rashad Jones
Beloved Son, Brother, Father, Friend



The aftermath of non violence is the creation of a beloved community
The aftermath of non violence is redemption
The aftermath of non violence is reconciliation
The aftermath of violence is emptiness and bitterness

-Martin Luther King Jr. 
April 7, 1957


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